A Message from the Clinic’s Founder

At David Drew we are two decades into an organized effort to replace the standard physical examination with a technologically sophisticated analysis that reflects the highly advanced nature of modern medicine.

The quest began with my recognition of the wide gap between possibility and reality. As a research scientist at NIH, my laboratory utilized the latest in biochemistry and imaging technology to characterize healthy aging. Time and time again we uncovered significant diseases in asymptomatic research volunteers who had recently “passed” a conventional physical.

Recognizing that state-of-the-art diagnostic technologies were not finding their way into standard clinical health assessments, I founded the David Drew Clinic to come up with a high-tech alternative to the standard annual physical examination. Our research team selected emerging diagnostic technologies and tested their effectiveness at identifying problems in healthy patients. Over the past 20 years, through exhaustive trials in our laboratories, The Modern Physical has emerged as a finely-tuned, powerful replacement for the standard health evaluation.

The standard physical that you receive annually is technologically obsolete. Wherever you go to get your annual physical – your regular doctor, a concierge practice, or an executive program – chances are, you get the same exam. A few prods, basic blood tests, run on a treadmill, a pat on the back. It hasn’t changed much from the physical your grandparents received fifty years ago, despite extraordinary scientific advances that have revolutionized the treatment of disease, once uncovered. In contrast, The Modern Physical offers the opportunity to find those lurking medical problems – heart disease, cancer, impending stroke, genetic susceptibilities – early on, when technologies are most lifesaving.

Of course, for The Modern Physical to be effective, people have to participate. That means the process needs to be convenient and affordable. To ensure efficiency, The Modern Physical is based on a computer-assisted decision algorithm. Developed over years of study, the algorithm combines population data with what we know about you to customize your surveillance precisely. The choice and frequency of testing procedures maximize effectiveness while limiting the time and cost of testing. And at David Drew, we arrange for all of the prescribed testing to be completed in a single, efficient visit.

We are lucky to live in the Golden Age of medical science. At the David Drew Clinic, our goal is to bring you not only the unique diagnostic benefits of The Modern Physical, but also the scientific and medical expertise to help you to respond to problems that are identified. Whether it’s an intervention or a lifestyle adjustment that’s needed, our well-trained physicians will assist you to reduce current or future risks to your health. I hope that you will join us to take advantage of the most sophisticated, inclusive and effective health evaluation program possible, to find out what’s inside you.


A medical scientist, a practicing board-certified internist, and the founder of the David Drew Clinic, Dr. Timothy Soncrant began what has become a lifelong quest for knowledge as a neurobiology major at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. With a B.S in Life Sciences in hand, he began initial work toward his Doctor of Medicine degree at the Boston University School of Medicine in 1977. In 1982, he received his Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Vermont College of Medicine and immediately began a relationship with the National Institutes of Health with his acceptance of a post-doctoral fellowship at its National Institute on Aging.

While at NIH, Dr. Soncrant founded the National Institute on Aging’s Clinical Treatment Program and continues to serve as a collaborator. Throughout his career, his passion for medical research has never ceased. Today he is internationally recognized for his research into diseases of aging, their diagnosis and cure. With more than 70 papers on age-related diseases and the field of aging to his credit, his work has been published in many of the world’s most respected peer-reviewed journals.

Dr. Soncrant and several of his colleagues have received patents for products that are used for the treatment of primary and metastatic tumors of the lymphatic system and for breast and ovarian cancers, cognitive enhancers in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, and inhibitors for the treatment and diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Dr. Soncrant is a member of Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Fraternity, the American College of Physicians, and the Society for Neuroscience. He is married, has two sons – David and Drew – and lives in Silver Spring, Maryland.